This Website is set up by the Mississinewa student driven class called TribeTv. we have multiple tasks that we complete weekly. Bios for everyone in the Tribe class are below.

Brooks Holloway

Job: Producer/Teacher

Fun Fact: Brooks is a body builder












Jhaiden Eyer

Job: Assistant Producer

Fun Fact: Grew up playing the Resident Evil franchise (it’s also his favorite game franchise)

Grade: Sophomore









Chase Whitehead

Job: TribeTv Manager

Fun Fact: Favorite movie is The SpongeBob movie (2003 edition)

Grade: Sophomore















Faith Curlin

Job: Event Coordinator

Fun Fact: Her favorite color is green

Grade: Senior

















Robert Jones

Job: Radio Manager

Fun Fact: Favorite music genre is heavy metal

Grade: Sophomore



Joseph Hobbs

Job: Editor

Fun Fact: enjoys watching WWE wrestling

Grade: Senior

















Jayden Glaser

job: Co-editor

Fun Fact:Loves Halo 2

Grade: Sophomore


Amanda Baldwin

Job: TribeTv anchor

Fun Fact: her favorite food is pickles

Grade: Sophomore


















Dalton Bishop

Job: Runs our Social Media (Twitter, Facebook)

Fun Fact:Has interviewed a famous Nascar Driver

Grade: Junior



















Tyler Gleason 

Job: Runs our YouTube and Cube pages

Fun Fact: loves Basketball

Grade: Sophomore



















If you have any questions or advice for our site or radio station please contact me at Jeyer2019@olemiss.k12.in.us Thank You for visiting our site we appreciate the support!








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