school news

  • Once again the phrase,  “A Tribe of Excellence” applies to our choirs!  Crimson Choir came away with a Gold rating in performance and sight reading!  It was the best they’ve done all year on the sight reading! Ole Miss Singers also came away with a Gold rating in performance and sight reading!  Their scores were enough to give them a “With Distinction” award!

  • The Mississinewa HS Band had the opportunity to attend ISSMA High School Organizational Contest at Marion HS last Friday. They worked hard and did extremely well earning a gold rating from all three judges as well as in Sight-reading.

It looks like Underoath keyboardist Chris Dudley’s young son had a blast as the band performed at Florida rock station 101.1 WJRR’s Earthday Birthday 26 festival in Orlando this past weekend. Adjacent his father as Underoath played, the youngster “opened up” his very own mosh pit


Things aren’t looking good for director Neil Marshall’s 2019 Hellboy reboot, which was released in theaters across North America on April 12, and is already bombing at the box office. While originally expected to rake in somewhere between $16 and $20 million dollars on opening weekend, the reboot brought in considerably less.


The Star Wars MMO The Old Republic launched all the way back in 2011, and it continues to get new content. The game’s seventh expansion and its first since 2016’s Knights of the Eternal Throne, has been announced. Called Onslaught, the expansion is coming this September.

Local News

Vice President Mike Pence is coming back to Indiana in May for a short speech

World News

Hong Kong is now officially the most expensive place to own a house in the entire world.


Monday’s weather is partly cloudy with a high of 71℉ and a low of 55℉


Taco Baked Potato Broccoli
Pretzel Breadstick


Baseball got their 1st win last night against the peur Tigers to a 8-7 victory they are home tonight at 6

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