whats going on today


Bernie Tormé, former Ozzy Osbourne and Gillan guitarist, passed away yesterday (March 17) at the age of 66.


The last Madeas movie has finally hit theaters today.


The Division 2‘s release date has finally arrived. The game is available on store shelves around the world, meaning players are once again diving into Dark Zones and looting friends and enemies alike, except this time in the dramatic surroundings of Washington DC.

The question is, though, is this sequel any good? GameSpot’s Division 2 review-in-progress awarded the game a 9/10, with Edmond Tran stating he’s “still enamored with” the sequel after 30 hours of game time.

Local News

Noblesville police had to chase down a cow that escaped a nearby farm for over 20 minutes. Police finally caught the cow at a Chick-Fil-A, locals thought the cow was for promotional purposes.

World News

Tragic Story as popular cartoon celebrity Scrappy Doo was found dead at the hands of a rival cartel

in Brazil.


Tomorrow’s weather is Partly Cloudy and high of 47℉ and a low of 32℉


Lunch(Chicken Alfredo) for Tomorrow is going to be:

Ole Miss Burger

French Fries



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