Steel Panther, a band that parodies 80s hair metal bands,gets their distortion pedal banned from sell due to the provocative name


Avengers: Endgame has released a new trailer giving us more of what we will see and giving us a sneak peak of some new suits


3D Realms, the creators of Duke Nukem and the original Prey, have whole-heartedly embraced its past as old-school game developers. With Ion Maiden still in the wings, a throwback game that strongly emulates old-school shooters, the team at 3D Realms have more plans for another return trip to the past, strengthening the studio’s belief that there’s more to be said about games from a particular era. In the upcoming Wrath: Aeon of Ruin–launching this summer on PC– it channels the same sense of action and pacing found from the early days of the 3D first-person shooter.

Local News

A homeowner in Marion had called the Marion Police Department saying he suspected someone had broke into his garage and that he would clean it out the next day to see if anything was stolen. When cleaning out his garage the day after he noticed his safe was knocked over and a dead body underneath of it. Police were called and confirmed the robber had been crushed to death by the over 900 pound safe.

World News

Yesterday we talked about the temporary grounding of the Boeing 737 in multiple countries. Well now the 737 has been grounded across the entire US with approval of the president last night.


Tomorrow’s weather is showers and high of 47℉ and a low of 27℉


Lunch for Tomorrow is going to be:

Ole Miss Taco


Refried Beans


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