whats going on today!

Good luck to all of our singers competing at the State Solo and Ensemble Contest tomorrow at Perry Meridian High School!


The current members of ACDC have been spotted going to the studio but the current line up is still questionable.


Captain Marvel could make less than what the producers thought it would on the opening week


Anthems early access starts today but for some reason the servers are down.

Local News

Indiana is now the highest rated state in the US for divorce.

World News

A US Army general sought the idea to start arming Syrian Fighters that were against ISIS however his idea was immediately declined by President Trump


Tomorrow’s weather is partly cloudy with a high of 33℉ and a low of 22℉


Lunch for Monday is going to be

Chicken Plank Wrap


Baked Chips



IHSAA Wrestling state finals are today and tomorrow . big friday night matchup tonight at the 182 pound weight class is #1 carson brewer vs 2# jacob laplace and we will also have sammy fair returning state runner up vs jake shennegee in the first round. Goodluck to all wrestlers today and tomorrow.  

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