todays announcement

“The GSA is meeting again this week in Mr. Augustyn’s room at 2:40. We will have fresh baked cookies and other snacks during our viewing and discussion of Love Simon.  Hope to see you there!” We are looking for a few good men/women to help with the Unified Basketball team.There are 5 games you would have the opportunity to volunteer for. This is a great public service opportunity and a great resume builder! Contact Mrs. Mughmaw or Mr. Reed if interested.


Tenacious D announces 2019 tours. The tour will go from july 25 to aug 5. Jack Black is a god


Disney has finally released the trailer for Frozen 2 and some people say the trailer looks dark


Destiny 2 Crimson Days has finally started yesterday go to Lord Shaxx to get started on your quest.

Local News

The start of a statewide tax on vape liquids is in discussion in the Indiana House.

World News

An illegal dog fighting ring has been busted in Arizona as an undercover police officer was offered to see a dogfight by a random man on the streets. The officer got the location of where the fights would take place and had multiple police officers show up at the location where 8 people were placed in custody.


Tomorrow’s weather is cloudy with a high of 44℉ and a low of 23℉


Lunch for Tomorrow is going to be

French Toast Sticks


Hash Browns

Baked Apples

Juicy Juice

Sports The 2019 IHSAA Tournament Pairings Show will be Sunday, February 17 at 5:00pm on  Girls interested in volleyball in the 2019 season are encouraged to attend training in the IPH Fieldhouse on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 2:30-3:45pm.

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