todays announcements

School News

 There will be a Natural Helpers’ Meeting in the library today from 2:35-3:15.  Mr. Crews will be providing training on school safety. If you are a Natural Helper please plan to attend!  


Lil Uzi says he’s “Done with music”


The Burning Godzilla form may appear in Godzilla King of the monsters due to leaked merchandise


Resident Evil 2 is being Remastered

Local News

A female Indiana police officer was accidentally shot in a Friendly Fire incident when a dog jumped on another officer causing his weapon to discharge. The accident was caught on another officer’s bodycam, the female officer Lane Butler is expected to make a full recovery very quickly and the male officer Aaron Wright will not be receiving any punishments for the accident and return back to patrol.

Wacky Headlines

Florida man threatens neighbors to kill them with kindness show up to their house with a machete named kindness

World News

Germany has made plans to leave the European Union. The AFD party has already made their vote that Germany should leave the European Union.


Today’s weather is sunny with a high of 47℉ and a low of 37℉


Lunch for Monday is going to be

Taco Baked Potato Broccoli
Pretzel Breadstick


The MHS basketball team lost to blackford 71-59 . MHS wrestling on friday lost 2 duals out of 4 so they are on track on getting 3rd place today in the CIC they finish off today with blackford, madison grant , and eastbrook

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