school news



Believer by Imagine Dragons has a remix ft. Lil Wayne


Oscars will not have a host because of drama with the former host kevin hart


Red Dead Online gets Battle Royale mode

Local News

For the first time in over 10 years, Indiana has had more people move into the state than move out.

Wacky Headlines

There is now a toilet completely powered by Alexa

World News

A large “Fireball” was spotted early this morning in New Zealand, shortly after Russia confirmed that it was a destroyed satellite.


Today’s weather is sunny with a high of 47℉ and a low of 37℉


Lunch for tomorrow is going to be

Nacho Supreme

Refried Beans



Girls basketball has lost a very close one to marion . the girls fought really hard and did really well against state ranked marion . no score has been updated  

Special Segment

Three weeks ago today, President Donald Trump shut down the US Government after Congress denied to fund the wall program. Democrats were unsuccessful Thursday to pass bills to reopen the government agencies as President Trump headed to the US Mexico border in a bid to gain leverage in a stalemate over funding his long-promised border wall.

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