The Crime Report

Indiana State Police are asking for people to return money that had flown out of the back of a Brinks Truck on I-70. It’s reported that at around 9am on I-70 the backdoors of the Brinks Security Truck has opened up causing hundreds of thousands of dollars to fall out of the back of the truck and onto the highway. People had pulled to the side of the highway, getting out of their cars and playing a dangerous game of Frogger in hopes of making a quick buck, this had caused not only a traffic jam but thousands of dollars to be stolen from the truck. Not only were people jumping out of their cars but close by residents were jumping the fences and running onto the highway, grabbing cash, and jumping back over the fence. Another driver had gotten the attention of the Brinks truck driver to let him know about the money falling out. It is currently unknown what had caused the doors to open and make the bags of money fall out but it is estimated that around $600,000 and fell out of the truck. Police are asking for people to return and give up the money they had grabbed, failure to do so will result in a warrant for theft for those who were seen by highway cameras grabbing the cash.

Last night three cases of train and vehicle wrecks had happened within the time span of 8 hours. The first crash that occurred happened in Greenwood where a driver had attempted to beat the train across the railroad tracks, this did not work. The train had collided with the car causing major damage, however the driver of the car managed to walk away. Not even 2 hours later another wreck occurred in Madison where the same thing had happened, a vehicle was struck by a train. Many people rushed to the car after it came to a halt after being hit by the train, the driver of the car was stuck inside but she way alive. The driver was helped out of her car and taken to a local hospital. Finally, a third train and car accident had happened in Greenville. The train had lightly hit the very front of the car causing only major damage to the front right side of the car. The driver was able to get out of their car without issue. Thankfully after all three of the crashes, nobody was seriously injured.

Indiana State Police Helicopter had found elderly missing person George Henson at around 11:30pm along a line of trees in Rushville. The man was reported missing 10 hours earlier by his family. George stated that he was deer hunting and had fell from his deer stand and was unable to walk. George was taken to a nearby hospital and is currently being treated for a possible broken leg. Thankfully George will be okay as his injuries are nothing life threatening and will continue to live a normal life after his release.

A fatal car crash occurred in Wabash where a vehicle carrying a driver and two passengers had turned into the center lane and collided head on with a truck. The truck driver was okay but the same cannot be said for the three in the other vehicle. Driver Terrissa Williams and passengers Kaleb Marin and Thomas Reed had all been killed in the crash. Passenger Kaleb Marin was a suspect for the fatal shooting on April 25 where 22 Year Old Jordon Richards was shot and killed in his own home. Both money and firearms were stolen from Richards’ house after he was killed and one of the stolen weapons was found the car that Williams, Marin, and Reed were riding in.

Posted by Connor I.

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