Indiana Pacers Season Overview

Well this is the end of a Great Pacer season this year, the season has been over for a week now and there is much to take away from this season. This pacer team has show all season that they are very resilient and won’t back down to any challenge, something that last year they kinda didn’t really show that much last year. Last season they would be up double digits and they would end up blowing the lead and losing the games. No knock to Paul George but he does have teammates he could pass to, he seemed that last season the offense would get stagnated and wouldn’t be really efficient as Paul George would just try and play Isolation basketball and looking at what the Toronto Raptors have done with DeRozan and Lowry Isoball isn’t very good.

Many people had the Pacers coming into this season as in the lottery and maybe even getting a top 5 pick after they traded “Superstar” with extra quotations, Paul George to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis. Everyone inside the Pacers Organization knew that they wouldn’t be that bad as people were saying people like Kevin Pritchard worked endlessly to find pieces to fit the team, so he signed ex Pacer Darren Collison to provide a central playmaker for this Pacers team. Pritchard also traded CJ Miles for great backup Point guard Cory Joseph to provide much needed depth on the bench also including bringing back Lance Stephenson for the bench. Also Domas was a great piece for this Indiana bench, taking a big leap after only averaging 6 points and 3 rebounds to 11 points and 7 rebounds per game many speculate if he should start at Power Forward with Myles Turner at Center next season. Prichard also signed lethal shooter Bojan Bogdanovic although he struggled in the First round of the playoffs against the cavs he showed that he isn’t afraid of Lebron and Coach McMillan Kept Bojan on LeBron for most of the series.

Finally the play of Victor Oladipo wasn’t the only thing that helped this team win games notching his first all-star appearance also and possibly being the Most Improved Player in this NBA season with last season averaging about 16 points, 4 rebounds, and 2 assists. To this season averaging 23 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists, his play was great this season but his stats were similar to the player they traded away, Paul George. I think last season Paul George wasn’t much of leader he didn’t really encourage his teammates as much as Oladipo has this season. George didn’t genuinely like his teammates which Oladipo does. This team this season actually plays like a team unlike last seasons team which was rely on Paul George for the entire game and then lose and have him criticize his teammates for not giving the last shot. Oladipo took strides to helping out his teammate when they had an off day, his on court leadership was huge but his off court leadership was even greater. Oladipo just wants to win like all of his teammates wants they were close to beating the LeBron led cavs and it looks like if the Pacers did beat the cavs they would have beat the raptors easily making it to the Eastern Conference finals meeting either Philly or Boston and if you have been watching the pacers this year they have been able to beat both of these teams, so if they did beat the cavs they have a huge chance to make the Finals. Indiana Pacers fans should be really excited for next season as other players might want to join this Indiana Team not a one person show.

-Tyler Gleason

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