Is Star Wars being milked?

Milking is a term used for when a series or franchise is just being used to generate mass amounts of revenue. This is often regarded as “milking the cash cow”. Milking has been seen with gaming and movies alike with some franchises like, Call Of Duty, Die Hard, and Assassins Creed being overproduced to just gain revenue.This can seriously hurt a fans opinion on a franchise as well as hurt companies in the long run. With Disney at the helm fans are starting to fear that their favorite franchise is becoming overused. Even Mark Hamill is saying that he disagrees with Disney. When Luke Skywalker is saying that Disney is possibly destroying George Lucas’s vision. Many Star Wars fan sites are protesting the “House of Mouse’s” involvement turning the fans against the entertainment titan. Disney is planning to release Star Wars content every year starting with the release of “Solo, a Star Wars Story”. This is very frightening as our beloved franchise may be focusing on “quantity over quality”. You may be asking, well why is this a bad thing? Well statistically and historically whenever a film franchise (or honestly any franchise) gets focused on “quantity” over quality they lose sight of what got them where they are, the fans. Pleasing the fans is one of the best things any movie can do; after all the movie audience is what brings in the films money. So after the disappointment “The Last Jedi” gave to 70% of the fans people started to worry about what is to come for the star wars saga. Disney is acting as though they are Oprah giving out franchise rights to any director who wants to take a shot with the Star Wars formula. Recently it was announced John Favreau would get a either a live action Star Wars tv show or even a trilogy. JJ Abrams who directed Star Wars the Force Awakens is supposed to direct Episode 9. Rian Johnson, who is acclaimed as the worse Star Wars director to date, is supposed to direct a trilogy separate from the “Skywalker Saga”. In this trilogy he has announced there will be no talks of the Jedi or Sith (we will talk more about Rian Johnson’s disappointing reign at the helm of Star Wars in a later post.). Disney has forgotten one of the only directors who seems to care about this franchise. Dave Filoni the creative writer for “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and “Star Wars: Rebels” has finished both of those series off with 100% satisfaction from fans. Only certain directors should get the option to direct such a massive Syfy franchise. After all the old age comics and books that Disney killed off saying that they aren’t “canon” they are doing something worse than cutting off the past and saying that it doesn’t fit in the Star Wars “Lore”. Disney is effectively milking the cash cow that is Star Wars. Taking advantage of long time fans who will go to the theater no matter what to catch a glimpse of their childhood. Disney is taking advantage of their new fans who drag their parents into those theaters for a new compelling story with lots of action and mystical creatures, but what they get is a two and a half hour movie with the same formula as they used in the past 20 movies that Disney threw at anyone who was interested. Now look I love Star Wars a ton, but there comes a point in any franchise when it needs a break a “rebirth” as you may call it. Do you remember when Star Wars literally crashed the internet due to its absence for 8 years and the dropping the trailer for “The Force Awakens? Disney just needs to take a step back and hold off on some things so fans don’t lose hope.  

Written by: Jhaiden Eyer

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