Black Panther Becoming More Than Just A Movie?

With the uproar of the newest addition of Marvels Cinematic Universe people seem to be finding hope in change. Black Panther has given people some expectations for any movie coming in 2018 as well. As the movie keeps breaking records around the globe most people are even comparing it the Wonder Woman film which had the same appeal. So why do these movies resonate with audience? Is it because they were in the right place at the right time? No, the reason why is these movies speak for the people. By that I do not mean that people can run around doing parkour stopping crime and becoming a superhero. I mean these movies are speaking for Women and African Americans. If you remember history all around the globe has not been kind to these people. Only recently have they had a voice. These movies empower those who watch it and that is just what the director of Black Panther wants you to feel, is empowerment. Ryan Coogler (director of Black Panther) has stated before in an interview that his purpose was to “fuel the voices of young African Americans everywhere.” This certainly happened as many people are embracing their heritage and culture. Black Panther and Wonder Woman have changed the way people think about movies which make them to me more than movies.

Written By: Jhaiden Eyer

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