Local News in Indiana

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources are currently investigating a scenario where 91 birds were shot and illegally dumped in Northwest Indiana. The Department of Natural Resources have stated that a total of 91 snow geese were all shot, killed, and illegally dumped in Porter County. The officers had came to the conclusion that the birds had been dumped earlier in the week, this was announced in a Facebook post. The officers believe that the birds weren’t dumped by a hunter as it would be a “disturbing and detrimental action towards the positive hunting community.” Porter County officers, Park Rangers, and DNR Officers are all investigating the scene still trying to come up with an answer.


Nothing More has announced that they will be coming to Indianapolis on April 22 of this year. For those unaware, Nothing More is a popular Indie Rock band and April 22 will be the Indianapolis Rock Fest, something that will fit perfectly for Nothing More. Nothing More will not be the only band attending the event at Indianapolis but them and Papa Roach are the only ones confirmed to show up as of so far, the other bands are unconfirmed. If you would like to attend the event you can keep a keen eye on TicketMaster to see how much tickets cost.


A traffic stop in North Manchester ends in a way no one would want it to. Authorities say that during a traffic stop a man was fatally shot by the officer that had pulled him over. An Indiana State Police Officer had pulled over a pickup truck in North Manchester on Tuesday, during the stop an “incident” had occurred which eventually led to the State Officer shooting at the driver. The driver was 40 year old Michael Kline, a resident of North Manchester, the State Officer wasn’t injured however Kline had died due to the gunshot injuries. No other additional information is being released as of right now.


In Terre Haute a two day police standoff has ended in a fatal shooting. 40 Year old Amanda Kurns was shot and killed by Michael Reynolds. Reynolds was killed in the shooting as well as police had opened fire on Reynolds. Reports say that Reynolds had fled the house where he killed Amanda Kerns and critically injured a man who’s name has not yet been released. Reports say that Reynolds fled to a second home where he had a 20 Hour Standoff with the Police, he was eventually shot and killed. No further information is being released to the public.


On the cross of I-80 and I-94 Indiana State Trooper Nichole Maenza was dealing with a vehicle accident. She was talking with the two people involved in the accident when a vehicle had lost control and ran into Trooper Maenza and the two other civilians. Nichole, the two civilians, and the driver of the out of control vehicle were all taken to the hospital, no life threatening injuries were reported and all 4 will treated and released shortly. Driver of the vehicle that lost control stated was a 27 year old woman from Griffith Indiana, she told investigators that the vehicle in front of her was slowing down and she had to hit the brakes and turn to the left to avoid crashing into it. A decision has yet to be made whether the driver will be charged or not.


Rest In Peace Deputy Jacob Pickett of Boone County Sheriff’s Office

– Connor Ingram

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