Gibson Guitars going bankrupt?

Gibson guitars,The titan of guitar companies , Is facing bankruptcy. After they’re release of the 2018 line and the new custom shop guitars such as the modern flying V and the Emg loaded neon colored Les Paul customs The company faced many negative comments on the quality and prices of the guitars.

The main cause for the bankruptcy Is The Quality control.Gibson is very reliant on the brand name knowing they are a major brand.With that being said they don’t put effort into their work anymore. They’re under the impression they don’t need to improve or try because well they’re Gibson they are guitars they made guitars popular. And honestly that’s pretty cheap and unfair the the consumer.Even when you look at the website the display models have blemishes and dents. How do they think that would be acceptable and help the business have a good reputation. Another thing that’s going around is that Gibson is selling guitars with dents and even broken or cracked necks. Gibsons don’t have bolt on necks so if the neck is broken the guitar is unuseable and worthless. So that means some can drop 1200$ to 5000$ to get a broken guitar.That is ridiculous on so many levels.


It’s really disappointing to see such a iconic brand fall so low. Many People grew up dreaming of owning a gibson and once they finally get one they are let down.Another factor the gibson has a problem with is the prices of the guitars.One of Gibsons most hated guitar,The Fire Bird zero, was priced at 899.00$ . This guitar had a bolt on neck, very cheap electronics and awful paint job. It had so many bad reviews Gibson discontinued Production for it.And some of the custom jobs are priced at 5000$ with the quality of 600$ guitar.


Many signature artists are leaving Gibson as well.Bill Kelliher,Guitarist of the metal band Mastodon, was a signature artist for Gibson and left due to the treatment the company gave him. Kelliher said that the company constantly messed up his guitars and his signature models made for the public to buy. They didn’t make the guitars to his spects and used low quality hardware. Bill also said that the people the company had work with him were never on the same page with him and constantly being fired and replaced with another under qualified person.


I really hope this is a wake up call for Gibson and they get everything together.And if not I really hope someone who knows what they’re doing buys the company.    


-Isaac Scott

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