AMD’s Explains Frame Drops & A Brief Review of HP’s Newest Gaming Laptop

AMD’s Radeon Chill has been known to drop Frames Per Second at random moments for laptop users, the answer why is now known. AMD stated that the frames drops are intentionally and happen when a computer is at low battery, the frame drops help with battery life and let the player know that they need to plug in a charger as soon as they can. The Radeon has been known as one of the most efficient options for laptop gaming users as it doesn’t cause overheating to the computer, at the same time it now helps with battery life by dropping in frames, the goal is to help the GPU draw less power from the computer so the battery life can last longer, it’s also beneficial for PC users concerned about power efficiency.


Reviews for the HP Omen 17 Gaming Laptop have been made. IGN has reviewed the gaming laptop and have made the opinion that “It’s not worth its cost.” The Omen 17 has a Nvidia GTX 1070 GPU and an Intel iCore-i7 processor, with those specs it sounds really good, but at the price of $1909 that’s where it flops. The Omen 17 gets an average of 55 Frames Per Second on GTA 5 at Medium graphics settings, the reasoning is because a regular GTX 1070 for a laptop is equivalent to a GTX 960 for a Desktop and isn’t worth no more than $200, yeah a $200 GPU inside of an almost $2000 laptop. The laptop’s max battery life lasts around 120 minutes, yep that’s right, only a 2 hour battery life and you better not lose the charger because it costs $75 for just the charger. The only upside to the laptop is the processor and the keyboard, but they don’t make up for all the downsides. For all the equipment used to make the laptop, you could spend $900 to make it yourself, even though the laptop is being sold for $1909, now that is a rip off.


The Japanese gaming giant have revealed that a Nintendo Direct will be taking place on Thursday March 8 at 2pm PT, which is 10pm GMT. New games are hinted to be announced for the Switch during the Nintendo Direct event. The most anticipated game to be announced for this event is a new Super Smash Bros title for the Switch. No announcement has been made yet for a Smash Bros title on the Switch so fans are hoping that March 8th will be the day they finally get what they want. A Smash Bros title isn’t the only thing though, talk of a remastered version of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask has been going around and fans would love to see this happen and would pay a pretty penny for such thing. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is a possibility to be announced but the chances are extremely slim. Finally, a sequel to Luigi’s Mansion is something people have been asking about for a long time now and with the event coming up it is a likely possibility for a new game in the series to be announced for Switch.


OpTic Gaming’s CS:GO Roster is set to make a very highly anticipated debut at the ESL Pro League. OpTic is one of the few most recognizable gaming teams without a professional CS:GO team in ESL, but that has now changed. OpTic has gathered a group of 8 for to make their official pro league debut at ELS in late March. OpTic’s debut is said to be one of the most exciting team debuts since the return of Major Pro team iBUYPOWER. The ESL Pro League made the announcement of the team’s debut earlier this week and since then the whole CS:GO community has been buzzing, a new team showing up for the tournaments is a big deal.


– Connor Ingram

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