Local news End of week (Chronicle-Tribune)

Getting ready for the Superbowl in the next couple of minutes, Patriots vs the Eagles at Minnesota. The MVP Tom Brady will get ready to win his 6th superbowl or will the eagles and Nick Foles look to recreate what Joe Flacco did and capture his first superbowl win.

The Senior Cafe serves meals Monday through Friday, with those over sixty years of age being able to get either a hot or cold meal for free with an option to donate. Attendees under sixty are able to partake in the meal but are asked to pay $11 per meal.

After months of preparation, Romanda’s is open for business. The farm-to table restaurant, located at 406 E. Fourth, St., opened Saturday evening in what was once Cazuelas. Rob Stevens, executive chef of Marion’s newest restaurant is excited for many reasons. Not only does he feel the nervous excitement of opening a brand new restaurant, but he also realizes the high expectations his eatery is facing.

Washington D.C. is all a buzz about the State of the Union, the discussion at every coffee shop, restaurant, Uber ride and such. Everyone asking, “Will you be watching?” and I got to say, “I’ll be attending the State of the Union tonight.” Amazed. Honored. Appreciative. Streets began to close, security details on every street corner from the Capital and nearly seven blocks in radius. Helicopters swarmed the city the entire day. I decided that the grim notion and possibility of ‘Designated Survivor’ could fall into an obscure part of my brain and was no longer a concern of mine. I will be sitting in the most protected place in the entire world.

-Tyler Gleason

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