Lady Indians Succeed In Overtime Thriller

Story By: Dalton Bishop

It was an overtime thriller in Alexandria, Indiana last night. The Mississinewa Lady Indian basketball team hit the road down state road 9 to Alexandria High School, for a CIC Matchup with the Tigers. The 1st quarter, the Lady Indians got off to a slow start trailing 17-7, before going on a 6-0 run led by Junior Ally Hewitt. They trailed 17-13 at the end of the 1st. Late in the 2nd half the Lady Indians were down 30-23 before making a run late to take it to the half. It was 30-25 when Freshman Alayna Webb pulled down an offensive rebound to put in a fading jump shot to bring it within three at the half. Early 3rd quarter, the Lady Indian team came to life, taking there first lead at 35-34. Alexandria went on a 6-0 run which forced Coach Tandy to a timeout. After the timeout, it was all business for the Mississinewa team as they answered with a 6-0 run, the two teams traded baskets back in forth until the score reached 43-41 Tigers with the lead. An Alayna Webb lob pass to Planck would be taken away, but Planck stole it back and made the layup to make it 43-43 at the end of three quarters. In the fourth Alexandria seemed to be pulling away as the expanded there lead to 53-47 late in the fourth. Two free throws from Senior Holli Greer brought the Tiger lead to four. The Lady Indians would get a defensive stop, before Freshman Alayna Webb would splash a three pointer to bring it to just one at 53-52. With 11.6 seconds left the Lady Indians would foul Blaine Kelley, she would nail both free throw attempts to make it 55-52. With 6.3 left on the clock the Lady Indians would have ball under there own basket. Sophomore Laekyn Emmons inbounded the ball to Sophomore Aubrey Tann, Tann would take two dribbles and then CONNECT on a three ball to send it to overtime. In Overtime the Lady Indians outscored Alexandria 10-7 and Senior Holli Greer would hit two free throws to seal the deal with just five seconds left. The Lady Indians won 65-62. They are on the road Saturday at Elwood at 6pm.

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