Local News End of Week (Chronicle-Tribune)

92-year old veteran reconvenes with friends after having a stoke. Everyday for the past five years a little white Volkswagen beetle was parked outside the Midwest Coffee roasting Company. But last winter it had stopped coming and so did the beloved driver. Ned Gillum suffered a stroke last Christmas, but he had his first visit in a while at 8:30 Thursday, people were very happy to see him.

The city of marion continues with the tradition of its annual walkway of Lights parade this Saturday. Brenda Hussong, director of the parks and Recreation Department, said workers started preparing for the parade at the start of October. People are expecting 35 floats, fire trucks, and cheerleaders from across the the County.

Chad Seybold wants emails kept private Grant county superior Court Judge Jeffrey Todd heard arguments Thursday on a request to more clearly define the type of documents requested by Seybold in a lawsuit made for public funds used for something other then the old YMCA project.

-Tyler Gleason

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