NFL: End of Week 3

The Packers defeated the Bears in Thursdays color rush game 35-14. People are still complaining about the standing or kneeling during the anthem. Expect for this to go on for weeks. The Chiefs plan to advance to 4-0 in their game at Arrow Head Stadium against the hard nose defense of the Redskins. Expect Karrem Hunt, the sensational rookie that is taking the NFL by storm, to makes big plays. Your local Indianapolis Colts play up in Seattle Sunday night at 8:30 pm ET. “River Boat” Ron Revera takes his Panthers up to New England to hopefully make a statement that their offense is as good as 2 years ago. Expect Christian McCaffery to have a nice game. Come back Tuesday for a recap of the weekend and Monday nights game. The Redskins at the Chiefs

Written By: Seth Wamsley-Kochanek

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