Spencer Bayston

Story By: Dalton Bishop

A 19 year old standout looks to get to the next level of racing competition. Lebanon Indiana’s Spencer Bayston is having a banner season so far in 2017 and may be on his way to his first ever USAC National Midget Championship and add his name to the many Keith Kunz Motorsports drivers to win a championship. Bayston picked up his first ever USAC National Midget win back in 2016 at The Gas City I69 Speedway. Bayston passed his longtime mentor the late Bryan Clauson. In 2017 Spencer Bayston and his Keith Kunz Motorsports team have been on their game and have been hitting their marks in 2017. Spencer Bayston is one of 3 drivers to win both the “Belleville Midget Nationals” and the Midget portion of the 4 Crown Nationals at Eldora Speedway. Kasey Kahne in 2000 and Kyle Larson did that in 2011. With high hopes for himself and from his boss, Bayston is hoping to make it to the next level in Racing Competition. Keep an eye on Spencer Bayston over the next few months.

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