Mayweather vs. McGregor, named fight of the century, some people disagree. Many people were unsatisfied with the fight as many people say the fight was “rigged” and “ended too early”. The fight managed to last to Round 10 where the referee stopped it and gave Mayweather the win, which people classify as a “rigged decision” which made many people mad as it was one of the most bet on fights ever.

Young Thug was never told that he won a VMA. During the VMA’s Young Thug was the winner of one of the awards, however he was never told this in advanced so he wasn’t there to accept the award. Imagine winning something and not even knowing about it, thats exactly what happened to Young Thug. He didn’t know about the award until the day after when he was told by one of his managers that he won a VMA. Young Thug said himself “At first I thought he was lying, but I was excited to find out it was true. It would’ve been nice to know in advance though.”

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