Gaming News 5/5/17

Written By: Jayden Glaser


The Strong museum of Rochester, New York. Which is the home of The World Video Game Hall of Fame has announced that they have added 5 games to the Hall in recognition of their historic and cultural significance. These games are : Donkey Kong, Street Fighter II, Pokemon Red, Pokemon Green (or Pokemon Blue outside of Japan), and Halo:Combat Evolved.


Releasing today is Bethesda’s new game Prey. Prey is a first-person space horror game in which you play as a character named Morgan Yu as you try to stop an alien threat called the Typhon from taking over the Talos I Space Station.

Also this month: Injustice 2 will be releasing on May 11th, 2017 and will include a large roster of heroes and villains for players to choose from as well as the new Gear system to customize how you play each character. This game is sure to be one to look out for.


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