TribeTV is Mississinewa Community School’s own student-driven media production crew. This year we are bringing our community new content including 360 video, upgraded HD live streams, more drone footage of events, the all new TribeTunes podcast, and much more.

Students in TribeTV have access to the entire Adobe Master Collection of content production software, DJI drone equipment, Blackmagic 4K video equipment, Canon photography peripherals including a Canon 80D DSLR, GoPro and 360Fly video gear, and a complete line of iOS and Apple products.

Be sure to check out our streaming platform on YouTube and subscribe to our channel to get updated when all of the latest events launch. TribeTV is also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat @MHSTribeTV. Visit our partner MCSC Athletics on YouTube and subscribe to their channel for MCSC Schools sports events.

Meet Our Crew

Studio Manager Jhaiden Eyer
Daily Show Producer Caleb Mabry
Tribe Sports Daily Producer Gage Smith
Sports Director Ryan Scott
Sports Coordinator Seth Kochanek
Pro Sound & MultiMedia Isaac Scott
Social Media Connor Ingram
Photography Jayden Glaser
YouTube Dorian Mahoney
Web Design Kyler Funk
Web Content Skylar Tackett

Brooks Holloway . MCSC Media Director
Email TribeTV . Email Mr. Holloway

Mississinewa High School Student-Media Productions